Join Our Faculty Team

We make it easy for you to simply ‘show up and teach’!

We are currently experiencing SIGNIFICANT growth, and we want YOU to be a part of that!

Why teach with us?

  • Sing Omaha has a strong reputation and 18 years of music making in Nebraska!
  • We provide top-tier facilities and resources to help you and your students thrive.
  • You set your schedule, and we fill it with students.
  • You have ZERO administrative duties. We handle all billing, purchasing of sheet music (at your direction), facility and equipment maintenance/replacement, website content, social media marketing, and so much more!
  • We can start you right away!
  • You also have ZERO disciplinary responsibility. While incredible rare, should you encounter a student whose behavior needs to be addressed, our executive team handles that on your behalf.
  • We intentionally match students with faculty based on personality types and student goals. When students ‘click’ with their teachers, both parties have a more productive and enjoyable lesson experience, and students are more likely to stay with us long term.

Employment Practices

Our faculty are employees of our nonprofit on W2, (not simply W9 contractors renting space in our facility). This means that we handle all of your tax withholding, and we pay the employer’s share of your Social Security taxes.

We pay a competitive hourly rate, and offer bonuses as you increase hours of weekly teaching.

We are fully insured, and so are you as a member of our faculty. (You are covered as an employee while engaged in work-related activities.)

What We Expect

First and foremost we expect our faculty to be excellent people. Our organization proudly operates with a balance of professionalism and approachability, which is made possible by recruiting and retaining qualified music educators who are also, at their core, wonderful people.

We strive for excellence in every interaction with students, their parents, and one another.

Our minimum qualification for employment is a Bachelor’s degree in music. Degreed musicians have demonstrated by their degree completion a level of competency beyond the basic skills and knowledge of a community-level lessons teacher, and we use this as the entry-level standard.

NOTE: Voice faculty must have earned a degree with voice as their primary instrument.

All new faculty go through an onboarding process which includes an introduction to our philosophical and curricular approach. This helps to ensure a high level of comfort with studio procedures, which allows faculty to focus on getting to know their students.

We offer regular continuing education opportunities for our faculty both on site and online.

Contact Us to Learn More

Email your CV/Resumé or call our office at 402-933-7234.

We can’t wait to hear from you!