About Sing Omaha Studios

Sing Omaha Studios offers lessons in voice, piano, guitar, bass, and drums 

along with group lessons, workshops, and summer camps!

Sing Omaha Studios Philosophy

At Sing Omaha Studios, our guiding philosophy is to train students to become ‘complete musicians.’ For us, that means that students will not only be proficient on their instrument, but they will also be literate in musical terminology, and will be able to read and comprehend music notation and terminology at an age-appropriate level.

Our faculty are employees of our nonprofit, (not simply contractors renting space in our facility), and are vetted through a rigorous hiring and onboarding process to ensure that our students get expert instruction.

At Sing Omaha Studios, you are a part of our musical family, and we can’t wait to make music with you!


Sing Omaha Studios’ applied voice curriculum is founded in the bel canto tradition (Italian for “beautiful singing”, and focuses one healthy vocal production of chiaroscuro (Italian for bright and dark) tone. Age-appropriate repertoire paired with expert technical instruction will ensure that singers can confidently approach a variety of genres with both stylistic and pedagogical integrity.

Classically-focused voice students will study music in multiple languages, and will learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), which will allow them to correctly pronounce singing diction in: English, Italian, German, Latin, and French, among other languages.

Additionally, all voice students at Sing Omaha Studios are provided a comprehensive music theory study, which focuses on fundamental musicianship that is directly applicable to their focus on singing. Students will learn note names, note values, rhythm skills, key signatures, time signatures, important expressive terminology, and more; all of which will be highlighted in their repertoire study.


At Sing Omaha Studios, we are proud to partner with Piano Pronto to offer our students the most comprehensive training in Technique, Theory, and Repertoire. Our expert faculty also supplement these materials with song selections that challenge students, and reinforce principles from the core curriculum.

This curriculum focuses on motivation through play. Students learn quickly by playing along with background-music recordings that keep them focused on tempo and phrasing. Parents love that students want to practice, and that they are able see and hear the progress students make each week.


We love to explore guitar with players of all ages. The instrument’s versatility allows for flexibility in our teaching method, but all students learn proper playing technique and terminology. We work to build dexterity and comfort in both hands and use strengthening exercises to increase independence of hands. Students learn chords and inversions, picking techniques, strumming patterns, and melodic playing techniques. Whether you’re interested in folk, rock, or something in between, we are here to help you!


A good bass player is the foundation of all great bands (it’s not the drummer, even though they like to think so). But bass isn’t just about playing the lowest notes. Good bass players serve the groove with intentional rhythmic placement of their notes, arpeggiation (playing the notes of a chord), and by working in tandem with the drummer to build each musical phrase. Our instructional approach includes music theory lessons on harmony and rhythm, posture and playing technique to keep healthy hands and arms (avoiding carpel tunnel and other complications), scales, arpeggios, and everything else you need to be the cornerstone of any musical situation.


Great drummers are solid ‘in the pocket’ (keeping good time/tempo), know how and when to ‘fill’, and play their role in the musical conversation happening with the other musicians. Fundamental skills are critical for drummers, and our focus is on rudiments which translate directly to drum set playing. Students will spend a portion of their lesson working on a practice pad before applying their pad skills to the drums. This ensure mastery of the concept in one dimension (the practice pad) before applying it to a multi-dimensional pallet of drums and cymbals.

About Sing Omaha

Sing Omaha (501c3 non-profit) has been operating in Eastern Nebraska since 2007; serving singers grades K-12 and adults through music instruction and performance in one of ten choirs with a ten-concert season each academic year.

With the addition of “Sing Omaha Studios” and “Sing Omaha Rocks,” Sing Omaha has become the area’s go-to destination for musical training in voice, piano, guitar, bass, and drums. Our two convenient locations are easily reached from Elkhorn, Gretna, Millard, Omaha, Papillion, Ralston, La Vista, Bellevue, and other locales.

Our comprehensive programming continues to offer choirs for all ages, in addition to private lessons, infant/preschool music classes, summer camps, musical theatre workshops, preparatory lessons for weddings, funerals, musical auditions, honor choir auditions, collegiate music scholarship auditions, and any other need that might arise.

All of our services are provided by certified, degreed, professional music educators, all of whom undergo Nebraska State Patrol background checks. Our faculty are the best in the area, and they share a love of music which drives their professional approach to teaching.

At Sing Omaha Studios, our first priority is to teach healthy technique, with a focus on flexibility in musical style through age-specific pedagogy to ensure appropriate musical development.

Sing Omaha's Mission/Vision

Sing Omaha is a nonprofit organization committed to growing people of all ages through premier music education and performance.

We accomplish this mission through private lessons in voice, piano, guitar, bass, and drums, as well as  masterclasses, workshops, and summer camps via Sing Omaha Studios, and through ensemble singing instruction and performance in one of eight curriculum-driven, age-specific Sing Omaha Choirs.

Sing Omaha envisions a future where music education and performance are valued as cultural guideposts and necessary components of a well-rounded life experience for people of all ages, genders, ethnicities, creeds, and economic circumstances.