Sing Omaha Rocks

Lessons on Guitar, Bass, Keys, & Drums — PLUS the Opportunity to Join a Band!

About Sing Omaha Rocks

Sing Omaha Rocks is a new venture from Sing Omaha Studios. We have been offering guitar lessons since 2018, and in an effort to expand that offering, we are excited to launch this new program which adds lessons on bass (ages 7+) and drums (ages 8+) to our studios! Additionally, pop/rock keyboard lessons will be available for students who meet certain criteria (piano experience, music theory fundamentals, etc.).

Our Philosophy

Music studios and retail music stores all over the country offer lessons in voice and on just about any instrument you can think of, and many of those organizations offer educational and performance opportunities that enrich students’ lives. 

What we do at Sing Omaha is a little different because our program is curriculum-based, meaning that all students are guaranteed to be exposed to music reading, music theory, ear training, stylistic variety, and proper playing/singing technique in a consistent and proven format. 

Our faculty are employees of our nonprofit, (not simply contractors renting space in our facility), and are vetted through a rigorous hiring and onboarding process to ensure that our students get expert instruction.

At Sing Omaha Studios, you are a part of our musical family, and we can’t wait to make music with you!

Joining a Band

As Sing Omaha Rocks grows in the coming months, we will offer students the opportunity to join forces with other players to form bands. This concept is not unique to us, but our approach to the band component will be unique in that the players will be specifically matched with peers whose ability and interests are similar, and each band will have a ‘producer’ to teach musicians the difference between being a solo performer versus being an ensemble member.

Once formed, the bands will learn age-appropriate cover tunes (that they’ll help to choose), and will give semi-regular concerts at a partner venue for friends, family, and the community. Tangible performance opportunities in front of live audiences cannot be replicated in the classroom or studio, and the educational value of those opportunities is immeasurable in terms of the confidence they build in students.