Little Voices

Infant – Pre-K (Children & Parents)

These fun-filled sessions are great for introducing young children to the joys of music!

What You'll Learn

Sing Omaha’ “Little Voices” music and movement classes help your child develop:

  • Rhythm, Pitch, and Melody
  • Language Skills
  • Motor Coordination
  • Creative Expression
  • Imagination
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Preschool Readiness

Session Details

2023 Session begins

January 10

Join us for 10 weeks – 45 mins/week

84th St. location

Tuesdays 9:30am

(10-weeks) start anytime!

Frequently Asked Questions:

At what age should we begin?

Research shows us that the first years of your child’s life are the most important for developing their musical abilities? So the earlier you begin your child’s music education the better.  Many parents start their kids at around six to eight months.

What age range does your program serve? 

The “Little Voices” classes serve children newborn to age four.

How often do we attend class? 

Classes are 45 minutes long and are held weekly.

How many classes are in a session? 

Fall, Winter, and Spring sessions are 10 weeks long, and Summer sessions are 6 weeks.

How do I know if a teacher is good? 

Sing Omaha’s faculty are all degreed music educators. “Little Voices” teachers are all trained in “The Learning Groove” curriculum, and specialize in infant/toddler music education.

What do we do in a typical class? 

In every class you will sing, dance, play instruments, laugh, listen, jam along, march, chant, clap, wiggle, make stuff up, pretend, and use rich language to explore and expand your child’s amazing potential through the arts.

Do we get a CD to accompany the class? 

Yes, you will receive an educationally-designed music CD with every session. The disc includes the songs we use in class. The music spans different genres from classical to rock-and-roll. We also include interactive poetry, drama and storytelling. Each unique CD contains a customized selection of key signatures, melodic patterns, tempos, rhythmic patterns, instruments, and activities. In class, you learn the simple music enrichment activities that accompany the songs, which allows you  to listen to the CD at home or in the car to reinforce what you have learned.

How do young children learn music? 

Children learn by repetition, discovery, and playful practice, so the most important learning strategy at this young age is immersion and exposure to high quality music. 

What if I (as the parent/guardian) can’t sing a note?

You are your child’s primary music teacher. These classes are designed to teach and empower you to fulfill that role. We know you are busy so we make it easy. All you need to do is fully participate in class (regardless of what your child is doing). In this way you will learn the songs and activities and become the role model for your child, which carries over into your home and car activities. It’s that simple!

How long should we attend music class? 

The more sessions you take the more your child benefits.  This curriculum continues to introduce your child to new instruments, genres of music, new songs and classic children’s songs. Each new session reinforces and builds upon the material learned in previous sessions, but introduces new music and activities to keep everyone engaged and excited!

What if my child just sits there? 

No need for concern here. Children are smart and can be engaged in active observation even if they’re not fully participating in the activity. This is a valid and important form of learning. Many parents tell us their kids do not participate in class but then go home and do every song, which is great! They all learn in their own way, and you may find that it changes week to week.

What if my child has special needs? 

All children are welcomed. Contact Sing Omaha to let us know about your child’s special needs, and together we can determine strategies to best serve your young music maker.

Can I simply attend on a drop in basis? 

No, we do not offer this, as our classes are often full and consistency is important in the success of the program.

What if I miss a class? 

If you have to miss a class you may attend another class time. Please contact your teacher ahead of time to ensure there is room in that class.


At Sing Omaha Studios, we pride ourselves on providing professional music instruction in a comfortable, safe environment.

For your peace of mind, every teacher passes a Nebraska State Patrol background check, which helps us ensure our students’ safety and security.

Our two convenient locations are easily reached from Elkhorn, Gretna, Millard, Omaha, Papillion, Ralston, La Vista, Bellevue, and other locales.

About the Teacher, Heidi Bush

Heidi Bush earned a bachelor’s degree in music education at Montana State University-Bozeman (MSU) in 2008, and a Master’s degree in music education from Boston University in 2011. While at MSU Heidi served as President for the Collegiate National Association for Music Education. Heidi taught K-12 music in Montana for four years, and now serves Sing Omaha Studios as the Operations Manager. In addition to her educational responsibilities, she spends most of her time as a stay at home mom to two busy toddlers, Kyler and Kaia. She enjoys singing with the Sing Omaha Women’s Choir each week, and is grateful to be a member of Sing Omaha Studios’ voice and piano faculty, where she maintains an active roster of students. Learn More