At Sing Omaha Studios, our guiding philosophy is to train students to become ‘complete musicians.’ For us, that means that students will be literate in musical terminology, and will be able to read and comprehend music at an age-appropriate level, or better.


Sing Omaha Studios’ applied voice curriculum is founded in the bel canto tradition, and focuses one healthy vocal production of chiaroscuro (bright-dark) tone. Age-appropriate repertoire paired with expert technical instruction will ensure that singers can approach a variety of genres with both stylistic and pedagogical integrity.

Voice students will study music in multiple languages, and will learn the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA), which will allow them to correctly pronounce singing diction in: English, Italian, German, Latin, and French.

Additionally, voice students at Sing Omaha Studios are provided a comprehensive music theory study, which focuses on fundamental musicianship that is directly applicable to their focus on singing. Students will learn note names, note values, rhythm skills, key signatures, time signatures, important terminology, and more; all of which will be highlighted in their repertoire study.



At Sing Omaha Studios, we are proud to partner with Faber to offer our students the most comprehensive training in Technique, Theory, and Repertoire. Our expert faculty also supplement these materials with song selections that challenge students, and reinforce principles from the core curriculum.

Students may progress through the Faber series at their own pace, but our primary concern is that students comprehend each phase before advancing to the next level, as each component builds upon the principles which precede them.

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